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subvento are a registered company formed by the director in 2010.

The company have been established providing consultancy services for the construction industry only.
Demand from our clients subvento responded offering extended services, which covers tendering and project management as well as construction itself.


The key objective is to provide a highest possible level of customer service and satisfaction.
Key factors achieving this objective lie in fulfilment of the client’s and mandatory requirements in aspect of safety, environmental, quality and industrial obligations, resulting in added value to the project and a return of profit for both our client and ourselves.

Therefore subvento are a member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) and have fully implemented an integrated management system (IMS) covering quality assurance, occupations health and safety as well as environment.

The company’s IMS have been reviewed, audited and certified to be compliant by an external auditor.

In addition to the IMS, subvento are a VicRoads' prequalified contractor for Maintenance and General Works (M1 & G1) since 2014.


Oliver is the principle director and the driving force behind subvento, with his credo that e
xpertise comes with years of training both from schooling and being on the job.​


He has established and developed the company in an hands-on approach and has seen the construction and construction management as an integral part.


Oliver started his career in the construction industry thirty years ago as bricklayer, and focused on project and site management after his graduation as civil engineer and business administrator from 1992 onwards.

During his envolvement in the construction industry over the past twenty years Oliver has been involved in major large scale and challanging projects in Europe and Asia, and has contributed to the success of his clients and their projects over the past seven years in Victoria such as EastLink, Peninsula Link, Pound Road Upgrade, Wattletree Road Bridge, Railway Overpass Wail, etc.