The services we are offiering aim for the best customers' satisfaction.

The diversity of our services range from consultancy, planning, management and construction.

Consultancy & Quantity Surveying

With the experiences gained in all fields of the construction industry over the past twenty three years, we are at our client's disposal to review, advise and consult all aspects of their needs. The support we offer can stretch over all aspects of the tasks required before, during and after the construction phase, covering concepts, strategies, IMS auditing, planning, scheduling, budget review, claim management, procurement and contract administration.

Tender Management

In each phase of a project tendering is required. We managing all interfaces between design, procurement, estimation and planning, and can provide doing the latter services to the full extent ourselves.
Quantity take offs, estimation with our in-house software or our client's programme, estimate peer review or full tendering service from receipt to submission and negotitation with your client can be offered. 

Project Management


subvento are offering a variety project management, ranging from remote off site management to full time on site management.
Details about the requirement for each project can be discussed and tailored to our customers' requirements.

Bridge Inspection - Level 1 & 2


The purpose of a bridge inspection is to ensure that the condition of the structure is systematically inspected in order to ensure:

• The structural integrity

• The safety of road-users

• to provide data for:

   • Regional and State asset management programs

   • Bridge capacity assessment

   • Feedback to the design process

Construction Works


As a VicRoads prequalified contractor, we are known for our client orientated work attitude and performance to meet the required deadlines. 

Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling


Through our sister company Triple C cutting and core drilling of concrete, asphalt and brickworks can be executed without enganing a subcontractor. Equipped with modern and reliable equipment, we are the contractor's choice.